“We have loved our Maze-O! My kids are 11, 9, 7 and 3. The pieces are a perfect size for all ages. The kids have loved playing with them! They have pulled them out multiple times since we got it and have been building different mazes. They have built some of the challenge mazes on the cards included, as well as made up their own. I love how interactive this toy is– they can use spatial awareness to follow the included designs, creativity as they create their own designs and imagination as they interact with the maze with toy cars or marbles. We blew marbles through with straws. So fun!”

Amazon user, Ashabeck

“This is a very open-ended toy that will inspire creativity for kids who just want to build a variety of mazes and tracks on their own, but with the included challenge cards, it also tests a child’s visual, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving skills. With the finished mazes, it’s all up to kids how they want to play. Does it become a track for toy cars or do you rebuild and go onto the next challenge card? No matter how kids choose to play, it will definitely get their brains working and introduce some STEM concepts in a hands-on way.”

TTPM editor’s review

“Kids couldn’t wait for me to get home from work to bust open these! We bought two boxes and they have been getting used a lot. Not only is it cool that they can make their own designs or mazes, the box comes with a bunch of designs for the kids to make. This is a fun toy that makes kids use their imagination.”

Dan, Utah

“Saw these on the Toy Box. My son was so excited and cried when they were not selected by the judges. So mom found them on Amazon and surprised him! He loves building mazes for his cars to drive on! Bravo – and Excellent product!!! Very durable – brightly colored and not cheap feeling or looking! Quality educational, still fun toy!”

Amazon user, TP

“What a great toy! I bought this for my 2 year old and he loves it! He loves picking a card and building the maze that matches the card with me. He likes driving a car through his maze when he is done! It helps with color recognition for this age and the pieces are so sturdy, they are easy to connect with his little hands. I imagine older kids will like to be creative and build their own mazes. I’m wondering when the expansion pack with more puzzle cards will be available! Thanks for making such a great STEM product!”

Johanna, New York

“Great toy for patterning, sequencing, creative and critical thinking skills. The pieces are easy to work with and connect. It’s great for all ages!”
Maze-O Review


“My Maze-o set arrived two days ago and my kids are having the best time playing with it! It’s simple enough for my 4 year old to use without feeling frustrated, but my 6, 8, and 11 year olds all like it playing with it too. This is a rare thing!”

Geoffrey, Minnesota

What Is Maze-O?

Maze-O is designed for young kids to create working mazes every time! No frustrating connectors, simple, easy to use, beautiful parts. Maze-O comes in classic colors to form endless imaginative mazes. Watch as your kids build tricky paths and dead-ends.


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