What’s in the box?

Maze Instruction cards to create 30+ amazing mazes, five types of Maze-O tiles in 4 brilliant colors, sturdy enough for seamless play on carpet.

What is your toy made of?

Maze-O is produced in Wisconsin, USA. We use FDA food-grade Polypropylene plastic to craft our pieces.

Are they safe?

Maze-O has been thoroughly tested by an independent laboratory and exceeds all toy safety standards.

What ages is Maze-O best for?

Young children, starting around age 2 can begin to put pieces together. By 3-4 years old they can be deliberate about forming passageways and branches that lead to dead-ends or to exits. By age 5-6 children can follow the included instruction cards to form complex mazes. By age 7-8, kids can modify mazes on the instruction cards and create their own complex mazes with tricky passageways.

Can kids with special needs enjoy Maze-O?

Absolutely! Maze-O can be a tool for improving small motor skills and communication skills. Our connectors are designed to keep kids engaged and not frustrated.

What Is Maze-O?

Maze-O is designed for young kids to create working mazes every time! No frustrating connectors, simple, easy to use, beautiful parts. Maze-O comes in classic colors to form endless imaginative mazes. Watch as your kids build tricky paths and dead-ends.


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